Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hey There Stardollians,
I Am Sorry That I Haven't Posted In Like A MONTH ! Sorry About That, I Have Been Pretty Busy With School And Things. But Any Ways Here It Is :

Thanks , Buy :]

Katie xx

MaddyRoxMySox xx

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Non Superstar Outfit Of The Week

Hi Stardollians,
Heres The Non Superstar Outfit Of The Week !
Enjoy !

Hope You Like It :D

Buh Byyeee


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Non Superstar Outfit of the week

Hey Fellow Stardollians :D
Im Really Sorry I Haven't Posted In Like Ageees!
Does Anyone HATE Starcoins? I do! Comment If You Do !!
AnyWay Here Is The Non-ss Fashion Outfit Of The Week :

Taaadddaaa :D Haha, Hope You Like IT !!

Bye, 'Till Next Time ..

Katie / Maddyroxmysox

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Long Time no talk, or actually vlog

Hey Y'all! I think I'm gonna start calling you guy's that because I have become a hill billy. I guess I just woke up on this lovely sunday morning and found out I have a accent (I guess I just don't see it) and I cuss to much. Which I already knew that I needed to watch my language. Which I have been doing that until Vasia28 just totally verbally abused Jack. But before I get ahead of myself I need to tell you guys to go see the post about me at But besides that I will be doing more stuff in the "virtual world" asap its just I have been so damn (ut-oh I said a bad word) busy with school. Sorry this post is really scattered its just I'm watching south park and its just more entertaining then the gossip that is trying to be said about a nobody like me. Im gonna go hang with my hill billy cartman and were gonna cuss all we want. So Screw you guys I'm going home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring makeup :D

Here are 2 examples I hope you'll like them :)

You need these items to do them ( Both ) :
Pink , Orange , and Yellow eye shadow ( Luxe )
Black mascara ( Dot )
Yellow liquid eye liner ( Dot )
Orange and Pink lipsticks ( Luxe )
Pink bunny ears ( Sunny Bunny )

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Non-ss Fashion

Hey Stardollions,

I haven't posted in a while because of school and other things :-) Do you like my new banner? Please comment and tell me what you think. Anyways, onto the Non-SS fashion of the week .
Here it is

<----- This weeks outfit is 12 SD. Pretty Cheap. If you want to know where I got the things, I got most of them from basics, but if you have any questions, please just comment below :)

Have a nice Day

Katie / Maddyroxmysox ♥

New banner for ya'll x

So what ya'll think 'bout this?

Haha. New medoll, new banner. Awesomee, I know.

Megan x

Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok.. so most people FREAK when new LE is out but this time the "electro lux" LE is not really getting people.

Personally, it's too neon -ish for me and what's with all the spikes? It's sorta like goth gone neon...

Anyways I certainly like the lime corset, cloudy tutu dress and the real cheap (for LE) bikinis which cost 20sd for the top and 10sd for the bottom - i know 10sd LE crazy right but it's only a bikini bottom so nothing with the WOW factor.

It's all a bit much for me to be really honest but that hasn't stopped me spending a few hundred sd's on it. However all of it's SS and basically it's another ploy by Stardoll to get us to buy more stardollars or whatever. Oh btw new banner soon ;] Megan x

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unusable !

Heeyy ! Sorry for a very late post but it was my exam period and I haven't got the time to come here :(

Look at this UN-USABLE Hair , Eyes and Mouthes  , and just comment if you agree ! :D
( click on picture to enlarge )

xoxo Lovenouritto

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfect Day

Hiiyaa. Sorry no recent blogs, I was away but I'm back now! Anyways as you may know, Catherine Middleton (Kate) and Prince William are getting married on April 29th and in Britain, it will be a holiday for us!

So on Stardoll, they have released a new shop [Perfect Day] and a Kate Middleton dress-up doll to celebrate. The Perfect Day shop is full of ball gowns and wedding bouquets and dresses and all sorts of wedding-ish things.

There is 4 floors at the moment and the prices range from 5sd to 48sd which is pretty reasonable considering the things on offer in the shop.

I think it's a really beautiful shop full of gorgeous girly outfits. I'm not usually into girly but this is quite a big deal in the UK for some people and I think I will enjoy my day off and the Perfect Days shop while I can thank you.

Megan x

Friday, April 8, 2011

Whatsup Stardollians?

Heyy, sorry I haven't posted, it's just that I got hacked and I have a new
account now. The name's SannyHeart
So, I come now with a question? Do you like the new nailpolish stores?
I find it:
- Pointless
- Useless
- Unnecessary


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hayy! I'm back with my new banner to tell you about the new nail shops Polished and Sprinkled. They are amazing new additions to the Star Plaza and they have a range of gorgeous nail polishes you have to see! The nail polish ranges from 6dsd - 15sd and the Sprinkled nail art and henna range from 1sd - 3sd so it's completely affordable and stylish at the same time! And also, Stardoll have made a special section in beauty parlor for your hands where (if you were wondering) you will find all of your nail stuff there.

Personally, I think it looks fabulous. Beautiful colour variety although I would love to see much more even toe nail painting! But I love it, very amazing idea, maybe it has something to do with the survey they sent out. I remember filling out a make-up bit and it was saying about Mac and Maybelline etc and we had to pick 5 out of 20 or whatever as our favourites then there was another section about nails and stuff so for all the people who filled it in, I guess this was down to us and me! Megan x

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Banner x

So if youu see this ^^ it's mee from now on Hope you like it ;]

Megan x

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Kittys

Hayy I'm back! This time about the new shop ;]

These sweet little LE cats cost 100sd each but they are sooo adorable. Although I'm a bit sad that they were LE and all SS because non-ss get next to nothing on Stardoll atm. Ahh they have cutee little faces and they have tiny blinking eyes <3

But sadly they don't purr or meow which I think would be a good feature. However, they are said to grow. I don't know how long it takes or even if they actually get bigger but I love the sweet little kittys so much <3 Sadly, there is only like 3 cats left so be quick!

Megan x

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hi! Bored & Favour? :D

Hi, I hope this isin't against the rules or anything, but
will you please follow my blog
Thankiu Bbz.
I'm also so happy. Someone on Stardoll told me
that they like my MeDoll. I know this isin't much but
for some reason, it made me smile... Really wide.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Non-SS Fashion ♥

Hey once again,
I am here to tell you the non-ss fashion of the week :)
Its $17.00 altogether, enjoy!

Here it is --------------------------------------------->

Bye for now,

Katie / Maddyroxmysox ♥

Contact me on stardoll in my GB if you have any questions! :)

Interview With Angel_OF_Him

Hey guys! I have some good news! I got an interview with
She's one of the managers of the club Stardoll Royalty. At the moment, she has 7,855 starpoints, and joined Stardoll on the 22nd of July, 2006, her name is Lisa.
I thought that you guys would be interested in the interview, so here you go:

Q: Why did you decide to join Stardoll?
A: I always liked dress up games, so one day I found stardoll by accident and signed up on it. I wasn't really active back then.. but I kept coming back and started to fall in love with it.

Q: When you have been superstar for a year, but you're not a Diamond member yet, what should you do? Are there any other requirements?
A: The other requirements are secret ;]
Q: What did you do to become a manager of Stardoll Royalty?
A: I actually didn't do anything, I guess. I'm just an active, loyal member of Club Royalty and on Stardoll now for a long time. So they asked me if I would want to take the part of being manager to help out. :]
Q: Have you ever been accused of Hacking/Scamming Someone?
A: No. I've never hacked or scammed anyone and I never would.

Q: How do you deal with high-pressure situations on Stardoll Roaylty?
A: There haven't been any 'high-pressure' situations yet. :S

Q: What exactly is your job on Stardoll Royalty?
A: My job is to keep the club clean and fun and help out Mette with all the stuff going on. :] Also answering questions and helping people with problems.
Q: Do you think that using money on Stardoll is worth it?
A: I always think that if I spend 5€ a month on a big vanilla latte or stardoll doesn't really make a difference. And if I spend it on something that I can enjoy so much it's really worth it, in my opinion.
Q: When you first found out that you would have to pay, to get xclusive access to some stuff on Stardoll, how did you react?
A: In my first stardoll days I wasn't Superstar. Later on I thought I could give it a try and I loved it. So I kept on paying my SS. :]
Q: Do you accept all friend requests? What is your "policy" on accepting and declining friend requests?
A: Since I'm on stardoll my policy is that I only have people in my friendlist I really talk to. I'm not a friend-collector, so I always delete people from time to time.
Q: If someone want's to interview you, what do you need to know about the person?
A: Idk. Just for what site/blog/magazine the interview is and why they chose me.

Q: I bet several people have asked you to give you a makeover. How do you deal with these people? Do you accept, decline, block or report?
A: I would never give anyone my password. That's the most important rule on stardoll.
Sometimes you think a friend would never hack you but you never know what they really think. I'd deny and if people kept asking me for my password I report them.

Q: Any messages/advice for the members of Stardoll?
A: Always be yourself. That's the most important thing. 

So, this is my first real post on this blog! I hope that you like it? And to the non-superstars: Lisa gave you a good tip to convince your parents to buy you superstar:
"I always think that if I spend 5€ a month on a big vanilla latte or stardoll doesn't really make a difference. And if I spend it on something that I can enjoy so much it's really worth it, in my opinion." 

So, what do you think of this? Am I causing a good first-impression? :D
I would also like to thank Lisa for allowing me to do this interview: Thank you!

New Writer: Me! :D

Hi! I'm Kris! I'm a new writer in this blog, and I'm very excited!
I thought that you might want to know me!
I will be posting everyday. My stardoll account is Juji.Kyliee400. I really hope that
I will get along with you guys ;D So, yeah, I'm joining this amazing...
Comunity! :D

Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Million +!

S'up dollies from the vlogger world! It's Megan again just talking to you about the whole 100 million thing!

So finally, after weeks of the whole "nearing 100 million!" stuff, it has finally come! As I look right now, it reads 100,051,157! So well done Stardoll for that massive achievement. Now onto the latest fashion... Spring is here and to jazz it up a bit heres some tips on how to stay gorgeous ;]

1. Add a sweet tassle belt to complete a light chic look.

2. Try little studs accessories to give a fab look to an old jacket or cardigan.

3. Get some funky washout garments to style up of down when hitting the streets.

Haha! So that's it for today people see you soon ;]

Megan x

Thursday, March 24, 2011


And finally, menswear has come to the Star Plaza. After a load of boys joining, and complaints about lack of boys clothes, I'm thinking all the boys must be glad that some boys clothing is in. Although some of it is inspired by Bruno Mars, I don't know whether boys will like that but they will now have more choice from now on.
Now, I think all they need is a shop completely full of boys clothes not like RIO Chicos but just a shop for boys not girls aswell so that the boys get much more choice.
It looks pretty good, alot of it is for the Fudge boys shop so if you are a boy and in need of some new garments so there because right now most of the menswear has gone into that shop as far as I can see.
Some of it has also gone to Stardoll boys (Bruno hat, safari parka, safari shorts and casual black shorts) but there is not much choice I'm afraid.
What do you think?
Do boys need more shops?

Megan x

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HB For April Fashion Update

Hayy. New fashion update, HB for april. No this is not a HB post. I am just going to talk to you about what you think and how to style them.
Just to add to the list, the sunnies are from spectacular and will be out on the 3rd.
So, my favourites are the stud jacket, chiffon katta, the cobra brace and the bag. They look quite sassy and quite rock chick outfits with the colours and styles. The graphics look good and the clothing looks very nice.
There is a lot of prints (floral, zebra, etc) so for people who like prints this may be the HB for you but even if you don't, you can always find ways to style them so that the print is not the main focal point in your look.
I, however, LOVE print and it's a great detail to an outfit and it has grown very popular for this season so if this is the thing for you please don't miss out because when they go out of the shops, the prices can vary and get expensive.
The colours used in this collection are black, pink, white, yellow and red. These colours look amazing together as you can see from the image and I'm really pleased that this collection is beautiful.

What's your opinion on this collection?

Megan x

Sorry for such a late post!

Hi everyone, I am so sorry that I have not posted yet but I am starting from now! Okay, so lets start!
On stardoll, I/Lot's of people have been experiencing faults on stardoll, but they are trying to get them fixed hopefully! Also the Italian Maf*a group have made a comeback, but we can stop them by reporting them to stardoll, we will not let them hack anyone else!
Hotbuys of the week:
Fudge hotbuys stripe sweater 14sd!
If you want it buy it now!
Another thing is that you all remember atidote right? Well they still have not sold all their items, so I guess they are going to have to wait a little longer before they can take the store away! Also LE Deco, basically sold out in the first 2 days, I was lucky to buy 2 items and they are sitting ready to be put in a room in my suite!
More coming soon.....
Lexi x

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Million!

Ok, so it has come to my attention that Stardoll is on its way to 100 million! But with that, more fashion has burst through the doors or the Star Plaza. Of course Stardoll are one for celebrating, I remember at 30 million and 40 million and lots of free gifts was in the air but we're not at the BIG one, 100 million and we have a ton (literally) of garments that have come out to celebrate and Spring Suprise but nothing of the 100 million collection has been free ;[ which isn't good for us members.
Luckily though, we have some cute new clothes, furnishing and much more will is waiting for us...

Even more, we are so close! We are currently.. as I read it now, we are at...

98,974,120 and it's still going up as I write.

So let's just hope there is some free fashion or furnishings on there way and I will update you with the fashion news as soon as I can!

Megan x

Let's Buckle Up For The Fall

Hayy Vloggers! Another post for you today - buckles for the fall 2011.

^^ as you can see it's a new hot fall look and well, loads of big name designers are rocking the catwalks with these!
They are quite a vintage look and they look really sassy on the right styled shoe.

Do you like them?
They look pretty awesome to me and lets just say Gucci and Christian Louboutin (and MANY more) are glaming them up with jewels and glitter - looking fabulous!

Is this the shoe for you?
Megan x


Hayy Vloggers! I'm here today just to say I will post as much and whenever I can on fashion ;]
Looks jazzy! Well I've got to say it's gorgeous but... the prices are not, repeat NOT cheap.
The highest price there is 40sd for a coat!.. and the lowest is 22sd for shoes.
However, they do have some beautiful items, my favourite being the 24 karat striped blouse, midnight lurex pants, gilded movement top and velvet swathe coat.
The theme again is gold and black - very vintage and classy feel to it and I think it's a really good collection and black goes with alot of colours giving it an almost timeless feel.
Stardoll needs way more of these but maybe some amazing but cheap shops too please ;]
It's not a very spring - ish collection but it follows the PPQ style by keeping it simple and sweet.
There is loads of detail on the garments in the new floor in my opinion.
Megan x

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beyonce Look a Like

Hello !
It's me , your favorite writer .. Guess who ?! :)
Haha , just kiddin' , well it's Lovenouritto ;D

This is a new makeup look-a-like , and it's based on Beyonce :)
Hope you like it x

The lips and hair really match .. don't they ? xD
Lovenouritto -  xxx

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Non-ss Fashion !

Hello Again,
I have decided to post earliar this time(: Once again the price is $20 !
I have tagged where I got the clothes so It might help. Now to the outfit:

<--------------- HERE IT IS ♥

Seeya Next Week,


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Non-ss Fashion

Hae Vloggers,
Its me again. I hope last weeks out-fit was a hit.

<----- Heres this weeks one .

This outfit costs : $20.00 . Hope its not too much(:

Love Maddyroxmysox / Katie xx

Monday, March 14, 2011

Haii new post:

Hello my name is StyleQueenEm i write about the national cover girl and her main style. Today i am writing to you about the national cover girl (first post.) (picture above.)   At the minute she is a nss; ( non superstar. ) Here name is 123AvrilRocks12 her style is classy and sophisticated.Her outfit she wore on the cover consisted of an Elle metallic dot party dress - 5sd, a brown decades; and a 1920's coat - 8sd. I personally think her style is unique and quirky and that it works really well so therefore i would give her a 5/5 and i am glad she won national cover girl, well done!
love StyleQueenEm xoxo

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Makeup tips - Party look .


List of items you'll need :
-Black eye pencil ( Dot )
- Hot pink eye dust ( Luxe )
-Volumizing black mascara ( Dot )
- Party Pink glitter lipstick ( Luxe )
- Pink light blush ( Coral ) ( Dot )

- Lip gloss ( Luxe )
How to do it :
1.Use the black eye pencil around the eyes.
2. Get the black volumizing one and use it on both eyes. 

3. Get the pink blush and put it across the whole cheek.
4.Get the hot pink eye dust and put it on the corner of the eye ( See picture ).
5. Get the party pink glitter lipstick and put it on you doll's lips.
6. Use the gloss on the lipstick.7. Add some jewelery and clothes ( IF YOU WANT ) and there you have it!

Pictures :

xoxo - Lovenouritto .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

H&M Campaign

Hayy Vloggers and welcome back! Today is all about Gisele Bundchen's H&M campaign for Spring and Summer. She only seems to appear in the catalogue but I don' know whether more pictures will come out but I'm sure some more will as I can only find about 5 or so on the internet at the moment. She is wearing a palette of peach, pastel green and white.
Her outfits are most definitely boho inspired and I have to say they look absolutely amazing on her. The outfits are more for comfort but they are so chic and stylish too with floral prints and ruffles, giving a very feminine look.

The casual looks with a romantic twist are built in a simple way keeping the focal points balanced with little pieces not a full on diva look. Choosing accessories to a bare minimum is a great match for keeping the casual look and the loose wave hairstyle is the best match for any of the outfits and they manage to raise the seasonal vibes.

What do you think?
Megan x

Wore wore it better?

Hayy Vloggers! Welcome to my first fashion post ;] Today it's all about the party that Nicky Hilton and Jamie King went to in the same dress! I'm sure any girl would be pretty miffed if they found out someone came in the same outfit but luckily Jamie wore a waist synching broad belt to complete her look, so that they didn't come as twins - but almost!

My favourite today has to be Jamie King. The broad belt helps show off her figure and make her look more classy. Nicky Hilton on the other hand, left it without an accessory. Personally, she could have worn a necklace or,like Jamie, a belt to personalise the outfit and to make it look less plain.

What do you think?
Megan x

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hii :]

Hii everyone :]
Im Megan, known as Pretty_Megan-9 on stardoll
Yeah im a new writer to this blog
and i will be writing about all the latest gossip on stardoll :D
So keep reading :]

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hayy! My name's Megan or on Stardoll my name is momijigal911. I am the new fashion writer for Stardoll Vlogs! So soon enough you'll see the fashion world on Stardoll and in RL unveil right before you're very eyes. They'll be exclusive posts just for Stardoll Vlogs and some amazing tips and tricks in the FWOS (Fashion World of Stardoll) ;]

Non Superstar Outfit of the week

Hi everyone, My names Katie and I am a new writer for SedonaJ's Blog!
I will be writing and posting about Non-SS fashion. I will try to post regularly but If I don't I will definitely post every week! Anyway, my Names Maddyroxmysox on Stardoll! (:
Now heres the Out-fit:


The price is 20 stardollars, I know this is a lot but if you save up you can buy it with play and earn(: I will post soon!

Keep Reading!

Katie/Maddyroxmysox ♥

New makeup tutorial + WITH BUDGET : Marriage makeup !

Marriage makeup ! The budget will be around 50sd !
List of items you'll need :
-Black and pink sand eye pencils ( Dot )
-Black and orchid ( pink ) eye shadows ( Dot )
-Volumizing black mascara and lengthening white mascara ( Dot )
- Orchid Ice lipstick ( Dot )
- Pink light blush ( Coral ) ( Dot )

How to do :
1.Use the pink eye pencil and put it around most of the eye.
2. Get the white eye kohl and put it in the corner as usual .
3. Use white and pink eye shadows just to enhance the eye kohls. Just run it over . ( Big lines )
4. Get the lenghtening wihte mascara and use it on both eyes then the black volumizing one and use it on both eyes too ( We used to put 2 colors cause it makes the eye stand up more . )
5. Get the orchid ice lipstick and use it on your lips ( No lipgloss) and put it on your doll's natural beige lips
6. Get the pink blush and put it on the side of the cheeks, don't put it across the whole cheek.
7. Add some jewelery and clothes ( IF YOU WANT ) and there you have it !

On the pictures , we used the same makeup wrote up .
The amount payed is :

45sd for makeup ( Under budget ! :D )
30 sd for accesorizes ( If you want )

75 sd ALL .

xoxo - Lovenouritto !