Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unusable !

Heeyy ! Sorry for a very late post but it was my exam period and I haven't got the time to come here :(

Look at this UN-USABLE Hair , Eyes and Mouthes  , and just comment if you agree ! :D
( click on picture to enlarge )

xoxo Lovenouritto


  1. All of the hair is usable but the 1 & 4th hair style, The lips i really don't think much about the teeth showing but they aren't bad as the eyes below i would have too say the only one that looks decent is the third eye.

  2. 3rd eyes across are ok but the others are a bit odd. the 1st and 4th mouth is usuable but the hair is most unusable mainly the 1st and 3rd ones but still some people may like them x

  3. Hehe thanks for giving us your opinion :)

  4. I think all the hair is unusable except the last hair cus i saw a medoll wearing it. The 3rd mouth again i saw a medoll using it but when she turned ss she changed it (who wouldn't lol). The eyes i honestly think none of them are usable.

    Avrilrocks2000 x