Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 Million +!

S'up dollies from the vlogger world! It's Megan again just talking to you about the whole 100 million thing!

So finally, after weeks of the whole "nearing 100 million!" stuff, it has finally come! As I look right now, it reads 100,051,157! So well done Stardoll for that massive achievement. Now onto the latest fashion... Spring is here and to jazz it up a bit heres some tips on how to stay gorgeous ;]

1. Add a sweet tassle belt to complete a light chic look.

2. Try little studs accessories to give a fab look to an old jacket or cardigan.

3. Get some funky washout garments to style up of down when hitting the streets.

Haha! So that's it for today people see you soon ;]

Megan x

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