Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dear Dollys and Man Dolls,
  I usually don't address you in text form, but I decided since I have had such a busy day and I look like an anime transvestite who just stepped in dog shit, that I wouldn't make a video so instead I am writing you this very thoughtful article about the changes I am making here at SV. First change, we now call my blog SV, short for Stardoll Vlogs. Now I know, I know. How Cliche. STFU it might be cliche to have a nickname for your blog but I like it. Next on the agenda you probably have been seeing the new writers around and about on the blog and a few even probably read their articles. I am still working through all the details of who does what on the blog but I will have a list with pictures to introduce the whole crew! Because this is my last week of school before spring break, i will not be able to do a ton of work this week, but I will when spring break starts. The blog will have a new image, and it will be a website where you can get every thing you crave for Sardoll news. From vlogs to articles on gossip, there's more to come so be ready my little dollians. Stay tuned and don't leave so quick because your about to witness something H.U.G.E.
 Hugs but no kisses, Sedona

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