Thursday, March 24, 2011


And finally, menswear has come to the Star Plaza. After a load of boys joining, and complaints about lack of boys clothes, I'm thinking all the boys must be glad that some boys clothing is in. Although some of it is inspired by Bruno Mars, I don't know whether boys will like that but they will now have more choice from now on.
Now, I think all they need is a shop completely full of boys clothes not like RIO Chicos but just a shop for boys not girls aswell so that the boys get much more choice.
It looks pretty good, alot of it is for the Fudge boys shop so if you are a boy and in need of some new garments so there because right now most of the menswear has gone into that shop as far as I can see.
Some of it has also gone to Stardoll boys (Bruno hat, safari parka, safari shorts and casual black shorts) but there is not much choice I'm afraid.
What do you think?
Do boys need more shops?

Megan x

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