Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New makeup tutorial + WITH BUDGET : Marriage makeup !

Marriage makeup ! The budget will be around 50sd !
List of items you'll need :
-Black and pink sand eye pencils ( Dot )
-Black and orchid ( pink ) eye shadows ( Dot )
-Volumizing black mascara and lengthening white mascara ( Dot )
- Orchid Ice lipstick ( Dot )
- Pink light blush ( Coral ) ( Dot )

How to do :
1.Use the pink eye pencil and put it around most of the eye.
2. Get the white eye kohl and put it in the corner as usual .
3. Use white and pink eye shadows just to enhance the eye kohls. Just run it over . ( Big lines )
4. Get the lenghtening wihte mascara and use it on both eyes then the black volumizing one and use it on both eyes too ( We used to put 2 colors cause it makes the eye stand up more . )
5. Get the orchid ice lipstick and use it on your lips ( No lipgloss) and put it on your doll's natural beige lips
6. Get the pink blush and put it on the side of the cheeks, don't put it across the whole cheek.
7. Add some jewelery and clothes ( IF YOU WANT ) and there you have it !

On the pictures , we used the same makeup wrote up .
The amount payed is :

45sd for makeup ( Under budget ! :D )
30 sd for accesorizes ( If you want )

75 sd ALL .

xoxo - Lovenouritto !

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