Wednesday, March 23, 2011

HB For April Fashion Update

Hayy. New fashion update, HB for april. No this is not a HB post. I am just going to talk to you about what you think and how to style them.
Just to add to the list, the sunnies are from spectacular and will be out on the 3rd.
So, my favourites are the stud jacket, chiffon katta, the cobra brace and the bag. They look quite sassy and quite rock chick outfits with the colours and styles. The graphics look good and the clothing looks very nice.
There is a lot of prints (floral, zebra, etc) so for people who like prints this may be the HB for you but even if you don't, you can always find ways to style them so that the print is not the main focal point in your look.
I, however, LOVE print and it's a great detail to an outfit and it has grown very popular for this season so if this is the thing for you please don't miss out because when they go out of the shops, the prices can vary and get expensive.
The colours used in this collection are black, pink, white, yellow and red. These colours look amazing together as you can see from the image and I'm really pleased that this collection is beautiful.

What's your opinion on this collection?

Megan x

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  1. omg i looove them fabulous im gonna buy them all haha!!! :D