Friday, March 4, 2011

Makeup Tips - Winter Glamour .

List of items you'll need :
●Black and white eye coals ( Dot )
●Black and white eye shadow ( Dot )
●Volumizing and lengthening black mascaras ( Dot )
●Transparent lip gloss ( Luxe )
●Light pink blush ( Dot )

How to do :
1.Use the black eye kohl put it around most of the eye.
2. Get the white eye kohl and put it in the corner of the eye to make it fresher 'cause black alone is too dark.
3. Use black and white eye shadow just to enhance the eye kohl just run it over so it makes the black darker and the white stand out more.
4. Get the volumizing and lenghtening mascaras and use them on both eyes.
5. Get the luxe lip gloss and put it on your doll's natural pink lips ( NO LIPSTICK ) .
6. Get the pink blush and put it on the side of the cheeks, don't put it across the whole cheek.
7. Add some jewelery and there you have it !

xx - Lovenouritto - Blog's Makeup writer .


  1. very pretty:D awesome advice, i lurve it!
    --lila AKA

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