Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Writer: Trends & Gossip Writer

Hey, my name is Lila.You may (or may not) know me on Stardoll as the beautiful:
I applied for a writer's position here on SedonaJ's Stardoll Vlogs and, guess waht.
Bitch got in :D
So I'm the drama, trends, happily hoppin writer that will give you the most awesome drama--and trends--you'll ever see.
So yeah; here's my first post :D
...on the trend, 'BEIN' ELITE'
I was surfing through profiles on Stardoll, when I noticed a very hot trend going on right now...'elites'. It isn't really considered a clothing item, but a label. It seems lately that plenty of Stardoll-goers are striving to be famously popular within the Elite's inner circles. So they befriend elites, shower them with compliments, and eventually, become part of their best friend list. By doing so, you sort of become an elite yourself. I find this trend deeply disturbing :P. You should befriend someone for their personality, not social status within a website. As seen in the friendship between two elites, freeduck_ and SedonaJ. You can tell they're best friends FOR REAL. Unlike some people I wouldn't want to mention. :) But listen, you Elite-Wannabes, trust me. This little trend will fade, and everyone will be normal again, and I can go back to talking about Stardoll CLOTHES:)

Well, at least I hope so.

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