Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hayy Vloggers! I'm here today just to say I will post as much and whenever I can on fashion ;]
Looks jazzy! Well I've got to say it's gorgeous but... the prices are not, repeat NOT cheap.
The highest price there is 40sd for a coat!.. and the lowest is 22sd for shoes.
However, they do have some beautiful items, my favourite being the 24 karat striped blouse, midnight lurex pants, gilded movement top and velvet swathe coat.
The theme again is gold and black - very vintage and classy feel to it and I think it's a really good collection and black goes with alot of colours giving it an almost timeless feel.
Stardoll needs way more of these but maybe some amazing but cheap shops too please ;]
It's not a very spring - ish collection but it follows the PPQ style by keeping it simple and sweet.
There is loads of detail on the garments in the new floor in my opinion.
Megan x

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