Tuesday, March 22, 2011

100 Million!

Ok, so it has come to my attention that Stardoll is on its way to 100 million! But with that, more fashion has burst through the doors or the Star Plaza. Of course Stardoll are one for celebrating, I remember at 30 million and 40 million and lots of free gifts was in the air but we're not at the BIG one, 100 million and we have a ton (literally) of garments that have come out to celebrate and Spring Suprise but nothing of the 100 million collection has been free ;[ which isn't good for us members.
Luckily though, we have some cute new clothes, furnishing and much more will is waiting for us...

Even more, we are so close! We are currently.. as I read it now, we are at...

98,974,120 and it's still going up as I write.

So let's just hope there is some free fashion or furnishings on there way and I will update you with the fashion news as soon as I can!

Megan x

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