Sunday, May 1, 2011

Long Time no talk, or actually vlog

Hey Y'all! I think I'm gonna start calling you guy's that because I have become a hill billy. I guess I just woke up on this lovely sunday morning and found out I have a accent (I guess I just don't see it) and I cuss to much. Which I already knew that I needed to watch my language. Which I have been doing that until Vasia28 just totally verbally abused Jack. But before I get ahead of myself I need to tell you guys to go see the post about me at But besides that I will be doing more stuff in the "virtual world" asap its just I have been so damn (ut-oh I said a bad word) busy with school. Sorry this post is really scattered its just I'm watching south park and its just more entertaining then the gossip that is trying to be said about a nobody like me. Im gonna go hang with my hill billy cartman and were gonna cuss all we want. So Screw you guys I'm going home.


  1. ^^ i know what you're saying Sedona she p' off me as well with what she was saying about me and Jack in Jack's gb. I mean talk about death threats... x